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Minimalistic Bedroom

Buyers Info

Helping you find and purchase a home is only one aspect of my job. In addition, I:

  • Explain real estate principles, contracts  and  documents

  • Refer you to a reputable lender that can help you asses your financial situation and  pre-approve you for a loan, if you aren't already working with  one.

  • Help you determine the types of neighborhoods that most fit your needs and desires

  • Arrange to see a  selection of properties that meet your criteria

  • Provide you  with detailed information about the properties you have an interest

  • Assist you in writing and negotiating a mutually accepted purchase and sale agreement

  • Suggest several home inspectors for you to choose the one  best suited to your property

  • Work with both the title and escrow company to ensure all needed  documents are in order and completed in a timely manner


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