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  • Cheryl Concannon M.A., SRS, Realtor

Meg Ryan's Standing Ovation

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Sunday I participated in a Sun Valley Film Festival Coffee Talk in Ketchum's new performing arts theater, The Argyros, with Meg Ryan. Meg is one of those rare, beautiful people that shines inside and out. She came across as highly intelligent, thoughtful and well spoken. Her heartfelt responses were honest.

We all (at least those I spoke with) walked away feeling uplifted and inspired. Meg shared insights for upcoming film makers and actors that were sincerely appreciated. She spoke about her life experiences outside film as well.

Meg's favorite show to watch at the moment is "Bombay Berlin", so I checked it out. It's a foreign language film translated into English that looks interesting.

She was fun, sensitive and a joy to be around. Plus, she looked absolutely fabulous!

A standing ovation for Meg followed her talk.

Description for Meg Ryan: A deep beauty.


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