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  • Cheryl Concannon M.A., SRS, Realtor

Piedaho Booms with Artful Pies

When people think of art not many think of pies, but one local Sun Valley woman is changing that with Piedaho, a family-owned bakery. Rebecca Bloom created Piedaho to offer Idahoans and people nationwide a way to order handmade artisanal pies.

When she first launched Piedaho, Bloom was selling pies to friends and friends of friends, but that quickly changed after the bakery was featured on Oprah’s favorite things. “So that took this little thing and sort of bloomed it out, so we were forced to grow then and that put us in a different place than we anticipated,” Bloom said. After the feature, demand for pies increased within a couple of days.

Each pie purchased is made with a unique handmade design. Unless it’s a custom order, people usually won’t know what their pie will look like until they open their box. The bakery has been family-operated since it launched in 2018. They even hand deliver to those who purchase in the Wood River Valley.


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