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  • Cheryl Concannon M.A., SRS, Realtor

Sun Valley Culinary Institute

Beginning in 2020, SVCI will offer culinary training courses to entry level and foodservice professionals along with classes for local food enthusiasts.

The Sun Valley Culinary Institute set its sights on a can’t-miss spot in downtown Ketchum—the vacant Cornerstone restaurant building on Main Street.

The plan is to remodel the space the space and open it for events by fall 2020.

The aim is to have an open space for seating, dining and events in the front of the building. That would offer views of the students at work.

The building is on the National Register of Historic Places. It was built in 1884.

According to the register, the building may have been used as the offices for the Ketchum Keystone, the first newspaper in town. It was first used as a general merchandise store in 1887. William Greenhow, who set up Ketchum’s first post office, was running the store with a partner by 1890

Architect Michael Doty tis hired to design the project.


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