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  • Cheryl Concannon M.A., SRS, Realtor

Sun Valley Powder Skiing

sun valley powder

Snow Over Your Head

Sometime early Sunday morning, the snow stake on Baldy disappeared.

Its 30-inch ruler, official arbiter of every storm, cleared daily at 4 p.m., barely held its head above mounting stacks of fresh snow. The light that illuminates it wasn’t so lucky. Snow—some 20 inches overnight—blocked out the bulb. So, the storm, as seen safely indoors on Sun Valley’s webcam, poured on in the dark.

Over 36 hours, from Friday evening through the weekend, some 35 inches fell on Bald Mountain. For powder-starved skiers and snowboarders, winter, until then more a miracle of engineering than a natural phenomenon, began, immediately and in earnest, on Feb. 8.


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