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  • Cheryl Concannon M.A., SRS, Realtor

Sun Valley Real Estate offers Steady Growth

In the resort condo market, 244 sales were recorded in 2019, compared to 266 a year earlier. That decline was off set in the resort single family market which climbed 7.8 percent and boosted a 4.4 percent gain in the median sales price.

While our reported sales were slightly off the mark from 2018 numbers, unreported sales easily filled the gap. Since 2018 was the best year for real estate in Sun Valley since 2005, we can be very satisfied with the year’s numbers. OUR market is now in a three-year period of stable and consistent growth. Given how busy December and the first part of the year have been, indications are that 2020 should continue steady growth. We finished 2019 with $640M in sold volume (down 3.1%).


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